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WG Leader: Krisjanis Smits

Institute of Solid State Physics, University of Latvia, Latvia

During 2000-2010 work period Krisjanis Smits was involved in number of research projects. For over 17 years the work tasks were related to various fields of science from development of electronic circuits for measurement equipment and software programming to plasma electrochemical oxidation of metals. He was involved in different research activities in cooperation with commercial companies in various joint research projects and also was the scientific team leader of major grant projects. Currently he is the leader of "Phosphorescent coatings prepared by plasma electrolytic oxidation" ERDF project. He is also the chief operator of the TEM microscope (FEI Tecnai G2F20) at ISSP UL as well as the leader of the Laboratory of Solid State Radiation Physics with more than 10 researchers involved.

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