Posted on 19/07/2019

PortASAP would like to congratulate Professor Christian Degrigny from the Haute Ecole Arc Conservation-restauration, Neuch√Ętel, Switzerland and Working Group Leader 3 (WG3: Fields Tests and Applications). Christian has been granted a 3 years project by Interreg. The project, called MetalPAT, aims to develop a non-invasive, fast, portable and open access application (MiCorr+)  to assist in the diagnosis of heritage metals. Thanks to a cross-border team (Swiss & French) bringing together expertise in conservation restoration, materials science and management informatics, it will make it possible to correlate macroscopic observations of cultural properties with a shared database to identify complex corrosion structures at the nanometric scale.

A MiCorr+ user, observing an altered metal object with the naked eye and/or under binocular (step 1) must schematize the observed corrosion structures from the residual metal to the most external strata (step 2). From MiCorr+ search engines based on the digital reconstruction of corrosion structure strata and/or keywords characterizing the object under consideration (step 3), matchings can be made with the corrosion shapes and models in the system database (step 4).

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