Dear Colleagues and Friends of the PortASAP (COST Action CA 16215),


The registration for the 1stPortASAP Hackathon is now open!

Applications. There are places for 20 trainees. All applications should be sent by email to with the following information: name and surname, country of residence, one working group you belong too (NA if none), if you are an early career investigator (ECI: pre-doctorate or obtention of the doctorate for less than 8 years before joining the Action), and a small paragraph (max 500 words)  explaining your motivations to participate in this event. You should also list your skills and experiences that you believe relevant to this event. The deadline for submission is the 4th of February 2019.

The CORE group will select the candidates, and the final selection will be validated by MC e-votes. The following criteria will be considered: geographic diversity, gender balance, motivation, past involvement in the Action and working groups activities. Ten places are reserved for  early carer researchers or researchers inclusive target countries.

Goal: The goal of the event is to develop a low-cost spectrometer for wine analysis that can be built by anyone. Design can be based on a smartphone-based paper spectrometer with or without 3D printed parts, CCD camera connected with Arduino board or Raspberry PI microcomputer. The event aims to (1) design a simple yet robust OSHW, (2) design a methodology for the analysis and calibration of data using open source programming languages (Python or other) (3) propose a data sharing practice so that a database of wine spectra can be started. This database will be critical to assess, at a later stage, the validity of OSHWs in wine analysis. Sample preparation should also be considered, taking into consideration that any approaches should use readily available solvents or stationary phases (silica gel, sorbent from Brita cartridges…).

Support: Renting of the Makerspace will be supported by PortASAP. Trainees will be proposed a grant whose amount will range from 600 to 850€ depending on the country of residence. This grant should cover for travel, accommodation, and meals. 25€ per day will be asked to cover for coffee breaks and lunches during the event. A voluntary contribution will be asked for consumables considered necessary by the attendees.

Preparation: The participants of the hackathon are expected to prepare the event (few hours a week). A forum of discussion will be open to the participants to plan the Hackathon. Consumables, hardware, and software will need to be bought in advance. The material to be used will have to be agreed by all participants, and all attendees will share the expenses that cannot be covered by PortASAP. Participants are expected to bring a sample (bottle of red wine).


Kind Regards


Guillaume and the CORE group





Report on the First PortASAP Hackathon 

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