Open Source Hardware (OSH) is gaining a growing representation in scientific community. When dedicated and inexpensive hardware can substitute use of otherwise unjustifiably costly equipment for educational, research or other purposes, OSH constitutes an attractive option. However, OSH needs appropriate validation and validation recipes as well as popularization if full advantage is to be exploited. WG1 within PortASAP addresses these issues and it is the goal of the work-group to conduct and document validation of different OSH and OSH in general and raise awareness about OSH through adequate dissemination activities.

WG Leader: Emir Karamehmedović (ekaramehmedovic(at)

Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences, International University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Emir Karamehmedović obtained his PhD from Technical University of Denmark in 2006 and did a post. doc. study at National Research Center RISO in Denmark on development of solid-state lasers and computer controlled optoelectronic devices). Currently at International university of Sarajevo, he works in the field of optical sensors, imaging and numerical modeling. In addition to the academic career, Dr. Emir Karamehmedović has worked for several years as a system integration engineer and project specialist leader in the field of automation and instrumentation as well as intellectual property analyst in the field of photonics.

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